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„Tolkien Reading Day” in Bucharest, Romania

„Tolkien Reading Day” in Bucharest, Romania

Founded in 25 March 2012, the Romanian Tolkien Society “Meneltarma” is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote and sustain the interest of Romanian readers for all the works created by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Even though the society is oriented toward the general public, it strongly encourages any research which is situated under the horizon of the so called “Tolkien studies” field. To reach its goals, the society used to hold meetings and to organize events related to the life and work of Professor Tolkien.

The most important event is the yearly Tolkien Conference. In 2012 the theme of the conference was “Images and symbols in fantasy literature”. In 2013, the conference was dedicated to another challenging subject: “The Knight and the Hero”. In 2014, the theme was ”J.R.R. Tolkien – Sources of inspiration”. Scholars from the fields of theology, comparative literature, political philosophy and folklore delivered papers followed with great interest by all the participants.

Another usual event which is constantly organized by the society is the Tolkien Reading Day. In the context of these meetings – hosted twice a year, on March 25th and September 22nd, important dates in the Middle Earth chronology – the participants can read, listen and discuss fragments from the works of our beloved Professor.

Last but not least, at the very beginning of every new year, all Tolkien’s friends from Bucharest are invited to participate at the traditional Tolkien birthday toast, which is organized on January 3rd.

The name of the Romanian Tolkien Society includes the toponym Meneltarma (Elvish for “Pillar of Heaven”) – a mountain at the very centre of Numenor island. Meneltarma is a place of silence and prayer were the Creator, Eru Ilúvatar, is worshipped; a symbol of faith, peace and hope – even in the darkest moments in history.